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Map your knowledgeInfoOus is a FREE* event-mapping app. Using your phone GPS location to show you, in real time, what is happening in your area. Stay informed and inform other users about what's happening nearby.Simple. Easy. UsefulEvents are split into four categories: unknown, info, warning and danger. The events can be up-voted or down-voted, allowing you, the user, to always have the most relevant information.
Write your event in a clickFor example,if you see a riot, a fair, a party, an obstacle on the road, an assault, a traffic jam or a fire, use InfoOus to inform everybody in the area. Whatever you think other users would like to know… When you post an event, it will remain active for 24h. The more the event is up-voted by other users the longer the event will remain visible. If the event posted is irrelevant, each down-vote will reduce the time and visibility.
Stay informedYou can also find out what's going on in other neighbourhoods, cities and countries. Use the search feature to scan all events posted in any area of the planet.
Privacy When you publish information, you will remain anonymous.
Available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish
Stay informed and inform other users about what's happening nearby.
* Data charges may apply from your ISP. Contact your provider for details.